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Mark Hiltz for SCRD Director Area F

Water Security

Electors don’t want our dollars flushed down the drain.  Water security for the whole Coast means safe and sufficient water for humans and non-humans from Port Mellon to Egmont.

Preparing for the next dry season needs to happen immediately after the October 20th election when the Board plans its strategic priorities for the next 4 years.  The priority is building sufficient storage and adding sources combined with moderate watering restrictions to see us through the dry season.  To responsibly plan for future growth we need to accurately know how many people can be supplied with the current systems.  The proposed Chapman channel deepening project does nothing to save us from severe or acute watering restrictions.

Sufficient storage means a raw water reservoir located as close as possible to the Chapman Treatment plant as soon as possible.  Additional sources include groundwater wells which are the quickest to bring online.  In the long term of 10 to 50 years other Sunshine Coast lakes may become part of the regional water system.

Sharing water between the Chapman system and the existing linked systems of the Town of Gibsons, Langdale, Hopkins, Granthams and Soames is part of the emergency system.   In 2014,  a catastrophe was prevented, because Chapman water was shared with the Town of Gibsons during an e. coli bacteria contamination event.  In the future, continued sharing is likely with the uncertainty of climate change.

Water security requires the SCRD systems to have redundancy and backup plans ready to go before they are needed.  I also hear residents tell me they want their own individual backup plans.  To support residents, the SCRD must provide useful, clear information and incentives for cisterns, rain water collection, grey water reuse, conservation, and xeriscaping.

Working on multiple solutions will achieve the water security we need for our prosperity and survival.