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Mark Hiltz for SCRD Director Area F

  • Water:  The Chapman water problems are decades old and need solving.  Area F residents depend on the Chapman system daily and as the emergency backup system for the Langdale, Soames, Hopkins and Granthams systems.  References:  Comprehensive Regional Water Plan pages 1-8, 3-12
  • Community Assets:  Ensure the community halls, recreation centres, parks, trails, docks, firetrucks, and landfill are operated and maintained for the long term.  We pay the bills.
  • Demystifying the SCRD:  Property taxes are collected by the Province and only a portion are sent back to the Regional District to pay for the basket of services we receive.
  • Tax equity:  Residents can feel they pay too much for services received.  We need to know how much we pay and the benefits of being part of the Regional District.
  • Roads:  While this is a Provincial responsibility we must monitor and advocate to get our share.
  • Change:  Managing Area F growth through thoughtful land use planning and enforcement  will ensure land for housing, agriculture and industrial purposes.
  • Atl’kitsem (Howe Sound):  Environmental recovery and stewardship must continue.
  • Conduct and ethics:  Clarity regarding the conduct of the SCRD senior staff and elected officials.
  • Readiness:  This election will see the largest change in SCRD Directors since 1999.  I’ve  been doing my homework by attending committee and Board meetings since May 2018.   I’m ready for the next 4 years of advocating for Area F interests and collaboratively solving regional issues.